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(Woman into iguana)

The mature woman opens the door and look down at the petite brown haired girl outside her house.
"Skipping class again Michelle?"
The girl, begging with her hands, opened much the green eyes of her cute round face looking directly to her aunt.
The woman sighs and let her niece enter.
"You are the best aunty!"
"You can at least wait to have two decades to leave your education, is the third time this week!"
"Come on aunty, I have everything approved and we are just a month away from my birthday! Why I have to bore in class? I just want to bask a little."
"Ok lazy girl, but if your mom finds out this, she will kill both of us. I have to go to the office for a job thing and I'll be out a couple of hours, don't burn the house."
"I don't promise nothing."
The niece and the aunt smile to each other and the older leaves the house closing the door.
Michelle wait to hear her aunt's car leaving and then rise her arms in victory.
"Topless time!"

Michelle put her backpack in the couch of the living room and careless kicks away her sneakers.
She put down her pants and throw her shirt to the floor, leaving her feminine silhouette in underwear.
Slowly she takes out the bra, releasing her perky boobs from their fabric prison.
She touches satisfied her nude bronzed skin, then gets the big sunglasses from the backpack, hang them in her small panties and walks to the terrace.
She grabs her pained naked feet and look down a bit angry.
The girl grabs the big iguana pet of her aunt and look upset to his reptilian face.
"How you do to escape each time?"
The iguana look the girl with his oblivious eyes and stick out his tongue a few times.
Michelle bring the animal to his big terrarium, close to the sliding glass doors that lead to the the terrace.
Michelle look how the iguana eats a couple of lettuce leaves from his feeder, walk through his big pool and lie his wet body in the large rock under the warm light of the sun.
"Why you even bother in escaping? You have everything anybody can want inside that terrarium!"
She close the terrarium and get out to the terrace, walking slowly to her favorite deck chair.
She lie down her svelte figure in the chair, put the sun glasses in the face, stretch her arms and let the sun bathe her soft skin.
Did not take to long for the warm feeling embrace her and she falls in a comfortable sleep.

She was in a rocky coast, the waves crashing against the rocks make water drops in her warm skin, cooling it and making her nipples hard.
Abruptly a shadow cover the sun, she low the sunglasses a bit and a sly smile appeared in her face when her green eyes seen the faceless handsome guy they never seen.
The guy gently removed her panties, slowly sliding they for her long legs, Michelle giggle silly when the panties finally fall to the ground and her well shaved pussy is exposed.
"Will you lay my eggs?"
Asks the guy with a serene voice.
Michelle cross her legs, enjoying the fantasy.
"I don't know, persuade my."
She smile malicious when the guy opened her legs and put his head between they.
The tongue enters her clitoris making a gasp get out her mouth.
She open more her legs, grabbing the chair strong, moaning.
The tongue move deeply inside her pussy as she shakes of pure pleasure.
"Mmmmmmmm... don't you dare stop!"
The question resound again in her head.
"Will you lay my eggs?"
Reaching her limit she yells opening her eyes.

Soaked and breathing exhausted she look around with her glasses hanging from one of her ears.
The expression of satisfaction in her face disappear when she look between her legs and sees Yag-Yag returning the look with his reptilian eyes.
He blinks, as her sunglasses falls from the ear, and then head down, putting his tongue again inside the girl's pussy.
Michelle screams, kicking the iguana and trying to cover her nude body with her hands.
Tears fall for her cheeks as the surprise let pass to the anger.
She lifted up from the chair and grabs the hissing iguana for the tail, runs to the living room and throw the animal inside his terrarium without any delicacy.
She gets out to the terrace and closed strong the sliding doors.
The girl repose her back against the glass and puts a finger in her vagina.
When she take it out, it was covered of iguana slobber.
She reprimes the urge to throw up and walk to the chair for grab her sunglasses and the panties.
"I'll need ten showers at least!"

She extends her hand to the panties, but then stops when see a eczema in the back of the hand.
Surprised, she scratch it and the expression of total horror of a few moments ago returns to her face when the scratch make a little of the skin fall and reveal green scales under it.
Speechless she looks close her hands, her skin breaking like gloves which are becoming smaller, revealing more vivid green scales.
Her nails fall off as her fingers extend, leaving pass to long black claws.
In no time she have two big lizard paws.
She close and open them, realizing with horror than the new extremities were indeed hers.
She tries to return to the living room, trying to understand what was happening, but after a couple of steps she bows grabbing her belly when spines burst through the skin of her back.
She falls on her knees and watch in horror how her new claws scratch the skin of her belly revealing more scales where should have been her navel.
She try to scream, but from her mouth only come out a hissing sound.
She grab her neck instinctive only for make her claws scratch more skin and reveal a hanging scale dewlap.

"No! No! No!"
Yells in her mind, starting to understand the horrid nature of the events as the skin that should be her boobs falls like sheets of paper leaving her chest flat and scale.
She fall in fours when the same bizarre feeling through which passed her hands began in the feet.
She raise her butt when a ringed scale tail start to break through is skin, growing long.
"I need help!"
Screams in her mind and start crawling to the living room, making more skin falls at every step.
The skin of her cute face start to rip as she feel her teeth become small and sharp.
"Stop please!"
Finally, her face breaks when her new reptilian muzzle push through it, the last bits of her skin, her cute brown hair, even her ears and nose, fall to the ground and become windblown dust.

The girl size iguana keep crawling, but now at every step the world around her become bigger.
"I need a doctor!"
But then a serene version of her voice sounds in her mind.
"Nah, we need food and water."
"What? Who said that?"
"You said it, silly! Aah... moulting is so tiring."
The sliding doors opened.
The woman lift the iguana from the ground.
"Shut up! Aunty is me, you have to call an ambulance!"
The aunt look closely to the green reptilian eyes, for a moment a weird memory floats in her mind, but it fades away in a instant.
"Michy you naughty girl, what are you doing outside?"
Michelle hopes fades with the memory of her aunt.
"Sorry, mistress."
"No! NO! It's me, your niece!"
The woman bring the female iguana to her terrarium.
Screams Michelle, trying to escape the hands of her aunt.
"Calm down girl! You've had enough excitations for today!"
The aunt puts the iguana in her habitat and the once girl look sadly how the woman close the top.
The last human thought of the girl resound as an eco in the walls of her small lizard cranium.
"I just wanted to sunbathe a little!"

Michy blinks a couple of times and then goes to the feeder.
She ate a big strawberry and drinks a lot of water.
Satisfied, she move to the rock and lie down at the side of her mate, crossing her long tail with his, and the two lizards close their eyes enjoying the warm sun.
An entry for a contest of  :iconsalo14:
I hope the skin thing not ends being too creepy.
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salo14 Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
great story :)
SenorIncognito69 Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Student Writer
She will not worry about sunscreen anymore, but her aunt will need a bigger terrarium in a while.
salo14 Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
yep they can get very big
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