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How I turned into a pest
(Woman into raccoon dog tf)
Janet Samson was a mature business woman who was proud and arrogant. She ad everything money, a house in a rich neighborhood and a expensive car that man only could dream of. the only thing she didn't had didn't had was a relationship probably because of her she could be very bitter and cynical but she was okay with that no man to tell her what to or standing in the way it was only she her workaholic self. But here neighborhood got terrorized by raccoon's for the past few weeks and the whole neighborhood is complaining about it.
"Why can't they just stop complaining do they think that I have nothing else to do?" A tired and stressed out Janet said with a her hands in her curly red hair. "Why did I ever agree to become president of the owners community" Janet sighed "Those useless people can't even call pest control them self" She said angrily as she looked out side how the garbage cans from some neighbors were still laying on the ground with they trash that
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(Woman into... ¿¿??)

It was inconceivable.
The golden heels of the tall woman resound in the steps that lead to the occult lair of the castle's dungeon, frightening the rats that hide in the boney carcasses and inside the empty skulls.
She was holding an small red box with all the rage and strenght that the fingers of long nails could imprint, her raven hair firmly tied in a bun under the peaks of the gold crown over her head, behind her, the long dark cape that she wears over the purple dress that wraps her fine body was tangled with the shadow that projects the flickering torches.
Like the wind of an incoming storm, the Queen opens the door of the lair and enters like a rampaging thunder.
The crowd of crows that lives in the dark room for black magic caw in panic and surprise for the sudden shudder, flapping their wings as their shivering voices resound in the iron cauldrons and the glass bottles, until they saw their mistress standing under the stone arc of the door with a cold expresion of contained anger in her pale face of thin eyebrows.
Slowly, as the silence sits back in the room, the green eyes of the woman looks down to the red box, her red lips tight, a faint twitch in her porcelain cheek.

"The heart of a pig!" She exclaims with dismay and throws the box to the floor. "The blundering fool!"

The thoughts of the Queen burn with the betrayal while she sees the box opening and the bloody heart of the swine bouncing and rolling, splashing a red trail until it ends under the biggest of the cauldrons.
She closes her eyes and breathes deeply through her fine nostrils, the Huntsman lied to her and in a moment of pitiful mercy ignored her murderous order and forgave the live of the Girl.
The Girl.
The damned Girl that was now living happily in the forest with a jolly band of mining dwarfs.
Such mocking under her own nose!
They have taken her for a blind idiot, but this wasn't going to end like this, no!
She will be the most beautiful in the lands... or else... and if her peons aren't able to do the job, then she will have to get her hands dirty.
After taking another deep breath, she opens her eyes with the ghost of a calm smirk in the lips, raises one of her fingers and speaks to the crowd of crows.

"I'll go myself to the dwarfs' cottage..." She proclaims, walking with pomp towards the dusty books in the old wood shelf.

The hand of the Queen moves towards the books as the eyes of the ravens follow her, her shadow floats over the titles... Alchemy and Black Magic and Poisons and Dark Arts... until it stops over the book with a red cover, the one for Disguises, Changes and Metamorphoses.

"In a disguise so complete no one will ever suspect..." Whispers the wicked woman while she pulls the heavy tainted book from under the cobwebs.

She puts the book over the working table and began to move the ancient pages under the light of the candles.

"Now, a formula to transform my beauty into ugliness. Change my queenly raiment to a peddler's cloak..."

That's exactly where her fingers stop, in the page with the formula for the Peddler's Disguise.

"Mummy Dust to make me old..." She mumbles reading the first ingredient and her green eyes spark with the candles.

With haste, the Queen began to awake the lair from his dormant state, she ignites the fires and spins the keys of the pipelines, soon the cold walls began to warm with the sound of the crackling firewood under the blazing flames, the pipes gurgle like annoyed entrails as the putrid liquids and mixtures began to travel inside them.
While the substances of glowing colors start to slowly drip inside the cristal flasks an ominous thunder resounds over the dark mountains in the distance, a blew of storm wind enters through the large window open in the side of the room that faces to the cliff below the castle.
The Queen picks a simple crystal cup and puts it under one of the pipes, she watches with increasing excitement how the small recipient gets filled with the colorless Mummy Dust.
Outside, above the tall towers, black clouds turn the night more dark, another rampant waft gets inside the lair, flipping the wings of the crows... and the pages of the books.

"To shroud my clothes, The Black of Night..." She goes to one of the tables and grabs a flask that has been filled with a dark fluid, she let a single drop inside the cup and the Mummy Dust turned as pitch black as the heart of the woman holding it up.

"To age my voice, an Old Hag's Cackle..." Then she leaves the glass under a crystal pipe and turns a key under a big bottle that has an orange goo inside.
A blue flame licks the bottom of the bottle and the goo began to boil and bubble, with a sound that reminds to painful chuckle, the orange substance climbs the pipe and follows it until it falls in the cup, turning the pitch black into the red of the spilled blood.

"To whiten my hair, a Scream of Fright..." Next, the cup was move below a spout of curly shape that pertain to what can only be described as a large and misshapen copper teapot.
A cloud of white dust comes from the teapot when the Queen opens the spout, flying towards the ceiling with a loud cry and turning the red into greenish mud.

Holding the crystal glass, the woman goes towards the window and stands in front the growing storm.
She raises the cup with one hand.

"A blast of wind... to fan my hate!" Once more the wind blows inside the lair, shaking the feathers of the ravens, the flames of the torches and spinning the substance inside the glass.

The Queen raises the small recipiente even higher.

"A thunderbolt... to mix it well." At the other side of the window a lightning breaks the clouds and tense silence falls inside the room, not even the crows dared to caw.

The formula was completed, now a bubbly liquid that reminds to a steamy champagne of vivid green.
She can see her perfect and serene face in the glass as if the cup was now a mirror.

"Now begin thy magic spell..."

Lowering the cup and grabbing it with both hands she put the warm glass in her lips and drank it in a single gulp.
The cup crashes and sparks against the floor when the fingers of the Queen fly towards the throat, the entire lair seems to dance around the woman as she begins to gasp and moan for air.
It felt like acid corroding her entrails as the formula travels with haste down the neck and through all of her womanly shape.
Roasting in heat ,she pulls her tongue out for a moment, as her skin, wet and moisty, gets sticked to the silky cloth of her dress and her blood began to boil inside the veins.
The pupils of her green eyes dilated in terror, the clank of the golden crown resound against the hundred pieces of broken glass, mixing with painful beats of her heart.
Something was wrong.
Very wrong.
Standing in shocking expectation the Queen's refined nose began to hurt, she can hear the flesh bubbling under the skin as the nostrils wide and began to move upright.
The bloated nose stretches and rounds, becomes plane and of an strong and rough pink.
A grunt escapes from the reshaped nostrils as the woman tries to move her hands towards it and then, like a dark waterfall, her hair gets untie and falls in front of her eyes while the painfull sensation move to the sides of her head.
Her ears began to hurt like the nose, turning pointy and long, flapping at the side of her wet hair like the wings of a fleshy bat.
One hand touches the round grunting snout, the other the big floppy ears.
Her blood would freeze if it wasn't for the heat, an stitch of pain in her heart.
The Queen now had the ears and nose of a pig.
Shaking her head, the changing woman began to walk towards the working table, dizzy and trembling over the golden heels.
Was like walking over the deck of sinking ship.
Each step accompanied by a mocking grunt from the pig's nose.
Each fiber of her body tense like the strings of the jester's lute.
Clenching her teeth in pain with her lips open she can feel her muscles expanding inch at inch bellow her purple dress, her belly growls and swells.
Tears began to fall with the sweat, ruining the makeup.
She takes off the long dark cape, trying to calm the heat, and soon after, between her legs, her undwear rips and falls through the skirt of the dress, becoming a moist rag in the floor.
The Queen almost falls, but at the last moment she reaches the table and manages to stand, with her hands at the sides of the dreadful red book.
Her terrified began to read the old open pages, as salty drops fall over the black letters, she makes a breathless gasp and then an loud grunt.
It wasn't the page for the Peddler's Disguise.
It was the formula for the Brood Sow's Metamorphose.
At some moment, the pitiless wind of the storm must had moved the pages of the book.
A formula to turn the widowed grandmas and the spinster sisters into useful livestock, a peasant's trick that should have never touch the lips of a Queen.
Another stitch of pain strikes her heart, her face blazing in red.
The ingredients were almost the same, almost, but their purpose far more abject than a simple disguise.
Under the cloth of the dress, the inflating flesh was pushing the exquisite fabric beyond is limits, ripping sound shred the costures in the back and the arms, making purple threads jump and exposing wet skin.
Mummy Dust to crumble her ties with the humankind.
With her swollen tongue, she felt her clenched teeth growing and sharpening, peeking outside of the lips.
The Black of Night to awaken in her brain forgotten primal instincts.
Saliva starts to fall from the yellowish tusks, the forehead wides a finger and then two, in the silhouette of the dress, bellow her breasts, a pair of teats appear.
An Old Hag's Cackle, to hide her voice behind a shrilling squeal.
Her legs began to separate, opening, at the same time that they began to shorten with the arms, making the Queen lose height at the same time that she gains weight.
A Scream of Fright, so she can never forget what she was once.
With a deep snort her jaw and snout push a pair of inches forward, in the back of the dress, the tear on the cloth expands with each breath that takes her lungs.
But even with all of that the potion should not work, the most important ingredient was still missing, there was no way that... that...
The scared eyes of the Queen open even more, making an extra effort, she spins a bit her bloating neck to look back... she sees the empty red box open on the floor and at the end of the trail of blood, between the flames under the biggest of the cauldrons, the heart of a pig, burning up and becoming black...
It was ludicrous...


The loud squeal makes the crowd of crows ascend to ceiling, flying in circles over the reshaping Queen.
Her purple dress couldn't resist anymore the push of the inflating belly, it torn apart in the back, a perfect split in the middle, and started to fall in purple rags, leaving the woman standing naked over the heels.
Her feral gentilas, rough and moist, has moved under fatting rear, now more of an exposed hole.
But she didn't yell like a pig for the indignity of her transformation or for the humiliation of the nudity, she yell for the atrocious pain.
The pain that pierce her body when the tip of her spine grows beyond the flesh, forming a shamefully short tail to crown her displayed sex.
Cracking bones sound over the grunts and moans, entrails roar and strech, growing in lenght, the shoulders snap to hold her in fours, the ribs expand inside the chest.
At the left and right of the bloated stomach, teats sprout and swell.
Her navel reaches  the border of the table.

"LoOOok! MyYy hands!" She screams with a deep voice and despair.

Polished nails extend taking over the ached flesh, the little fingers contracts and vanish, the two in the middle move forward and grow wide, the remaining two retrac towards the stiff wrists, becoming small dewclaws.
Soon at the sides of the open book there was a pair of hoof, each with two large digits and zero dexterity.
The feet of the Queen slips inside the golden heels, making the woman tiptoe as the toes become hooves.
Standing in a doubtful equilibrium, as the frontier between her anklets and heels turns into one, her shoes make a last objection and break under her overwhelming weight.
She squeals and falls over the table, slapping with her erect teats the hard wood.
Gasping and struggling, she manages to get up and precariously stands over her back hoofs.


Completely naked and with her porcelain skin turning into pinkish rough, her words finally belong to the sty.
A cold realization struck her heated brain, without hands and voice it was impossible to restore her original form if she doesn't gets help.
The Queen clenches her tusk and her eyelids, not wanting to heard the mocking squeal comming from her mouth or see the lowly fate of her human form.
Under her front hooves the table began to protest like the broken golden heels.
Her eyes move at the sides of her bloated face as the porcine nose elongates over the lips, her hair jumps from the scalp, falling to the floor like dark seaweed and leaving her head bald.
Popping and snapping the bones push forward, taking painfully each extra inch, until her beautiful face gets replaced with a flat muzzle, perfect to sniff the dirt or eat swill.
She stands, ignoring the caws of the ravens or the heavy beating of the big heart behind her teats, until finally the table broke and she hits hard the stone floor.
The once woman gets slowly in fours and even slowly opens her eyes, the green of the large orbs was now almost hidden for the black of the pupils.
No longer the Queen was Bella or Donna, just a very big and very fat sow with skin of pinkish white and some makeup in the face, grunting exhausted and shocked over the destroyed remains of the table, the book and her humanity.
Standing in numb confusion and dizzy shock, she can't believe what just happen.
She did not want to believe it.
Walking backwards, shaking a bit her large head, she felt like an stretched wineskin, a wineskin made of pig leather and filled with fat.
So fat that her many teats were almost touching the floor.
With a soft clonk her butt hits the black iron of one of the cauldrons, her eyes open as the sensation climbs her spine.
Another loud squeal resounds in the lair, a kick of pain and instinct sends flying the blazing iron, it hits wood and paper, flames began to move around the room, sorrounding the stunned sow.
Black smoke began to climb to the ceiling, the pig snorts deeply, trying to raise her resolution.
This wasn't going to be her end, it was just a mistake, and mistakes can be solve.
Yes, she wasn't a breeding swine, she was a Queen, a Mistress of the Grim Arts... a woman!
She spins over her hooves and began to trot towards the door, her moves were clumsy, but she gained enough momentum.
Like a siege ram her head hits the wood and her weight makes the rest, the hinges explode with splinters and the door falls heavy to the floor.
Ignoring the pain on her skull, the sow keeps running, going up the stairs,squealing with rage to keep strong the hope in her chest.
The fire keeps consuming the lair, growing uncontrollably as it eats the ingredients and the spells, the crowd of crows leaves through the window with the cloud of dark smoke, their caws tangled with the squeals of the running sow.
Sceams of alert began to resound in the medieval fortress, guards and servants alarmed by the fire and scared pork.
She swallows the little pride left in her bloated form, ignoring the surprised look of the maidens that she crosses in the hallways, ignoring that everybody can see her running naked like a beast, only thinking her objective.
Her bedroom, her royal room and the magic mirror that can only show truth.
If she manages to reach reflex the enchanted glass the plebs will see that she is their Queen, it will be mortifying and shameful, but was far better than the other option.
After taking a curve to the left, she sees the refined double doors with the royal crest at the end of a long corridor that had an equally long purple carpet covering the floor.
Squealing even louder she pushes her tired body further, not paying attention to the sore pain of her muscles, making the maids jump away from her course.
Heavy boots sound behind her hoofs.
The doors of the bedroom offer less resistance than the one in the lair and fall down under her weight, she rolls over the floor of the room until her back hits the big royal bed.
Grunting and snorting she gets up and began to climb the bed, she can see the sleeping mirror in the wall at the other side, she has done it and four pairs of hands covered in leather gloves grab her sides.

"Stop already, you damn pig!" Screams one of the guards as they lift her body with clear trouble. "If the Queen finds out about this...!"

"STUPID FOOLS! I AM THE QUEEN" The sow yells in her mind, struggling as the guards drag her out of the room, her short legs kicking the air without reaching the floor. "The mirror! Please, look at the mirror!"

But then her eyes meet with the reflex of the mirror and she only sees four men carrying a very fat pig that struggles hysterical with her tongue hanging out of her open mouth.

"No please! NO!"

The sow began to stop as the exhaustion washes aways her last drops of strengh, a sad squeal of grief resounds in the walls of the castel...


From the nightmare of the last moon she wake up in the nightmare of the early sun, in closed stall in the smelly stables, with a rope around her neck.
The feeling of her hooves against the wooden floor cover in straw was enough to make her know that this was real, that last night wasn't just a bad dream.
That the pity of a man and a mistake of her own hand have turned her into a grunting sow.
Her mind boild with anger and hunger as she fully understands that she will never again rule over land or witchcraft, that the only man that will praise her beauty from now on will be a boar.
She was a pig, and outrageous fate that she considered worse than death and there was nothing that she could do to change that.
Before she could dive deeper in her grief the doors of the stable open and two man get behind the door of her stall.
One was a guard with a mustache, one of the men that caught her yesterday, the other a greasy peasant with a hat made of straw.

"So this is the pig?" Asks the man with the hat.

"Yep, quite a troublesome pork."

"And you said that she just appeared in the castel?"

"That's what I told you, first a fire began in the dungeons and then a rampaging sow wrecks the Queen's bedroom, If she finds about this my head will end in a pike!"

But she was now looking up to them, pleading hysteric, trying to make them understand that they shouldn't be looking down at her with mock in their eyes, that she belongs above and doesn't deserve to be naked on an stable.
But sadly, none of the two men could understand her porcine squeals.
The farmer chuckles.

"Quite a noisy girl."

"You don't know... well, wanna take her?"

"I'm not sure yet..."

"Then you should hurry and decide, the Queen was clear, the only animals allowed in the castel are horses and crows... god knows why... So you take her or she ends with her butt in the kitchens, but I have to get rid of this pork today."

The sound of the butcher's cleaver against the cutting wood was enough to close the jaw and lower the ears of the sow.

"That sounds like a waste to me." The peasant says, opening the door of the stall and walking towards the unhappy pig.

She just shakes under the farmer's hands as the man began to assess her value as livestock, she was too scared to protests anymore, only soft snores escape from her nose as his fingers clean what's left of the lipstick around her mouth and touch each single teat and what's bellow her short tail and end in the burn mark on her ass.

"You recognize that mark? Maybe some upset pleb leave her in the palace as a message or a joke..."

"Dunno... looks pretty recent to me..." He slaps the butt of the pig and then rubs his hands in the cheap linen shirt that he wears.

With shallow pride the once Queen discovers what she already knew, that she was as exceptional between the sows as she was once between the women.
Enough teats to feed a battalion, heavy as an armor of plate, healthy and ready to breed.
But far from making her happy, that only made heavier the pressure on her chest.

"Then... are you going to take her?"

The farmer fondles his chin, looking pensive to the pig and sighs after a short awhile.

"Ok, ok... fine." He says. "I can't say no to a free animal, but if this is some sort of trick to send me to the pit... well... my wife will get mad..."

The guard laughs and both men shake hands as she looks with impotence, the peasant  grabs the tip of the rope around the sow's neck and began to drag her.
Out of the stable, crossing the courtyard of the castel and the large double door of the stone wall.
Each couple of steps the pig stops to grunt and give a sad glimpse back, making the man having to pull the rope.
They began to walk down the hill, the path was still muddy for last night's storm and her sloppy hooves slide in the sludge.
So this was her fate, a common swine that will get breed until her sex gets dry and her head ends served in a wooden plate.
She squeals for her misery and, well aware that at this point was just an act of hypocrisy, feels regret for first time.
Regret for poisoning the old King.
Regret for being a ruthless Queen.
For not accepting the Girl and ordering her death pushed by envy.
But now it matters little, because she's been punished, harshly and justly, and soon the land will forget about the foolish Queen that made and drank her own doom.
When they reach the town at the bottom of the hill, the farmer stops and she raises her head.

"Hmmm... what's going on?"

Around the path a group of people were gathering, a joyful crowd of villagers that happily cheers and yells.
The farmer waits behind them, curious to see what's the cause behind such hubbub, the sow just sat her naked butt on the ground, not caring a bit about it.
She figures that they probably have just discovered about the Evil Queen's demise.
But soon was clear the the crowd wasn't cheering by a demise, but for a return.
Between the people legs, the sow see them, seven jolly dwarfs, a dazzling man that could only be a Prince leading a pure stallion and over the horse's back, with her legs hanging from the right side, the Girl.
The Girl of skin white as the snow of the mountain's peak and the hair dark as the winter's night, a bit unsecure for the overwhelming attention, but saluting and smiling with calm.
When the stallion was passing in front of the farmer and the sow, she stops her mount and jumps down.
Neither the sow or the peasant could believe that the Girl was walking towards them as the crowd opens to let her pass.
The greasy farmer took off his straw hat from his bald head, the sow just freezes in shock as the Girl knees in front of her.

"What a beautiful sow you have here, Sir." She says with a honest smile, making the peasant gulp and blush like a child.

"Th-thanks ma'am..." He answers almost without voice.

Soft fingers fondle behind the floppy ears and a pleasant chill crosses the spine of the pig, she was surprise for not finding anger inside herself as the Girl touches her neck and chin.
Perhaps was for the regret, perhaps was because now that she was a beast the Girl's enchant was able to reach her porcine heart.

"You should call her Puerca." She says. "Give her a bit freedom and use her only for breed, but never for butchering and I'm sure that she will pay your kindness with twice as much."

The man nods blushing even more."If... If you think that's true... then that's what I will do..."

She smiles to him and he grabs the hat stronger, then she smiles to the sow, picks a green apple from a pocket of her skirt, puts it in her open jaw and leaves a big kiss in her flat snout.
The Girl gets up and walks back with her friends in the middle of the crowd and then the party began to climb the hill towards the castle, followed closely by the villagers.
Sow and farmer are left behind, stunned.
She knows?
Thinks the sow, looking how the crowd reaches the doors of the stone wall.
She cares?
A loud sigh escapes from the farmer's lips, he puts the hat back on his head and began to pull again the rope around the pig's neck.

"You are a lucky sow..." Mumbles absent, still dazzle by the Girl's presence.

The sow gets on fours and gives a last sad glance to the castle on top of the hill, then she began to trot behind her owner.
Her sharp jaw began to slowly munch the apple, the taste fills her mouth.
It was a bit bittersweet...
A perfect disguise
Sometimes evil defeats itself without having to do anything...

Depending of how things go in the future, this will most likely my last story for a long while, I will still be around... but not as active...
Hope I'm leaving in a high note... or at least a decent one. XP

Fun Fact: In the original fairy tale, the Evil Queen's name is Grimhilde.
Hello my lovely watchers and unlikely readers!
I guess I should get in line with the mindless cult social behaviors of this festivities and say... HAPPY 2017!


Also, I'm going to suppose that if you're reading this you like kinky-TF-stuff and if that's the case maybe you should give a look to :iconmysteryman29: you wouldn't be disappointed.

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(Women into cats)

A cloud of warm steam comes out when the door of the bath was open, standing in the middle of the doorframe a feminine silhouette fogged by the vapor.
Katy Perry walked outside of the cloud drying her long dark hair with a towel and with another towel around her torso being the only that separates her desirable and voluptuous body from nakedness.

"Mmmmm... the comforts of being a famous singer..."

She began to walk towards the vanity table with her naked feet leaving wet and warm steps in the floor of the luxurious dressing room, she puts the wet towel over the table and sits in the big chair in front of the big mirror.
She grabs the small jar of cherry blossom body milk, unscrew it, puts a bit of the lotion in the tip of her fingers and began to massage her long legs with it.
She sighs in relief after the long day of filming as the cold lotion is extended through her soft skin, like every time she release a videoclip she was a bit stressed.
Her eyes get a glimpse of the front cover of one of the magazines over the table.

"And for making it worse those asshole are having a feast..."

Since the release of her last song, Dark Horse 2, a lot of critics have begun to say that she was lame, repetitive and uninspired.
She knows she shouldn't care or be too harsh with the critics, but it was frustrating.
The idea of making a sequel to a song was not all that original, but she thought that I could be fun, of course her fans, and her manager, love it and the videoclip was going to be a success for sure, but was annoying see those comments saying that she doesn't want to put effort anymore.
That wasn't true, she wants to strive! It's just that she needs some time for herself...
She sighs again, this time with irritation, and pass from a leg to the other bowing her back a bit and looking to the other side of the table, trying to avoid the magazines.
Was at that moment when her blue eyes got a glimpse of the green gem in the collar of the large statue of a big eared cat in the shadows of a side of the room.

The shining green caught her attention completely, filling her eyes and calling her with a soundless melody.
Katy lifts from the chair and begins to walk slowly towards the statue, one step at time, wondering how or why such a leftover ugly piece of atrezzo can have that beautifully collar around the neck.
When she was halfway, the towel that was covering her torso falls to the floor, leaving her pale skin completely nude and exposing the well shaved lips of her intimate parts and her well rounded breasts, but she keeps walking indifferent to her nudity.
She kneels in front the big statue and touches one of the big ears of the cat, now a bit insecure in front of the silent stone eyes that seems to have an expression of deep sorrow.
But she slowly slides the hand through the face and the neck of inanimate beast and finally touches the collar.
The collar was made with separate sections of onyx, each one with a golden simbol that escapes her comprehension and in the central section the green stone that was filling her mind and her actions.
With a trembling hand she began to untie it, while the other caress the shining gem.
Finally a clicking sound released the collar that falls gently on her hand, she gives a kiss to the gem and close her eyes, that were at the verge of tears, and then, slowly, puts the collar around her own neck.
The gem shined brightly with own light at the moment the collar closed his hug around Katy's neck and in the middle of the green stone appeared a dark vertical line, like the one of a cat's pupil.
Katy blinked confused and wiped the tear that was falling for her cheek.

"What was I doing... ?"

She lifts from her knees and walks back towards the vanity table, with naked insecure steps and with a hand in her forehead, trying to focus her fogged mind.

But at the moment she gave her back to the stone cat, a crack appeared in the solid rock of the animal's back.

When Katy was passing over the towel that was once covering her body, a fluffy and thick black fur began to slowly grow around her crotch that leaves her with an hairy pussy at the moment that she reached the table and sits again in the chair.
Katy blinked a couple more times, still confused, and see in the mirror reflex that the her blue eyes look now bigger and that the pupils have turn vertical.

"What was it...?"

She blinks again at the moment her nose began to become upturned, turning slowly into a light pink, and at the sides of her mouth began to grow long whiskers.

More cracks appear in the cat statue, one of them breaking through the tip of the tail to the back of the head and makes one of the big ears fall and hit the ground, revealing a long mane of silver hair under the stone.

"NYA! Yeah! I was cleaning!"

Exclaims Katy cheerfully, showing her now sharp teeth, and then began to lick her arm happily.
As she licks, the nails of all her fingers began to get longer and sharp and her ears get bigger and pointy, climbing to the top of her head and peering outside of her dark hair as they get covered in the same black fur that she had now all around her crotch.

The crack of the statue's ear grows bigger through the stone cat's face, breaking one of the eyes, under it shows a closed eyelid of tanned skin that suddenly opens revealing a fierce yellow eye.


Katy slides from the chair and falls over her naked butt, her hands and feet began to twist and cover in fur, fluffy pads appearing under they and her thumbs began to turn smaller until they become laughably little.
She looks to the reshaped paws, still happily oblivious, and raise her right leg up with surprising flexibility and began to lick the skin of the thigh that still taste slightly like cherries.

The mouth of the statue finally falls to the ground and in his place appear a pair of smiling lips.

In the top of Katy's butt grows another patch of fur that began to elongate into a lumps and then into a meandering long tail that began to wiggle happily in her owner's back.
At the time that a new pair of sets of nipples began to grow all over the singer's torso the statue behind her finally breaks enough to release his prisoner.
The tall woman stretched her limbs and cleaned the dust of her stone jail from the mane.
She brushed the silver bush of her crotch and massaged a bit her huge boobs, smiling with relief.

"Hmmm... Who would thought that the hardest part would not be gathering the energy back, but to be alone with someone dumb enough to grab the necklace?"

Katy's big ears shake in the top of her head and she stops licking herself and looks back with surprise to the mysterious woman.
The woman began to poke her ears, tossing more dust from inside of them, as she walks over the broken stone that imprisoned her for so long.

"Well, well, well... What we have here?"

The singer gets in fours over her hairy paws, with her tail and her ears lowered in anticipation, and hissed showing her fangs with fierceness to the unknown menace.
The woman gets closer to the singer without fear and dodges easily the attempt of scratching from the half-cat woman and began to pet her behind the ears.
Katy's eyes open in surprise for the sudden wave of pleasure and she can't avoid purr softly with joy.

"Oooh... How cute..."

With a clicking sound the woman ends the petting and removes the collar from around Katy's neck and gives some steps back, looking cheerfully to the changing woman.
Katy blinked a couple of times in confusion, then she looked to the tall silver haired woman that was playing with the collar and looking down with a smirk of superiority, then she looked to her furry paws and then she looked behind to the wagging tail at the end of her back covered in fur.

"Whay... whenya... but... but... MEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOW!"

The singers bones began to twist and crack as her body began to decrease in mass and she can't avoid meow in pain with a high voice, now aware of the changes and feeling the warm tingly sensation over all of her skin.

"What is happening!?!?!"

Screams her mind.
She tries to get up, but before even getting in her knees she falls again in fours.
Trapped in that position her boobs began to get smaller to match the rest of her teats and she began to cry and meow in pain and frustration.

"Darling you shouldn't be so picky, at least you will still be able to move when it finish..."

She looks with rage to the mocking lady, with tears falling from her eyes as she sees how the woman and the world around become bigger and bigger as she becomes smaller.
Her silhouette became totally lost under the sea of dark feline fur that covers her body and that soon begins to grow also in her face when her hair began to fall to the floor.
With her tears getting lost in the fur, she closed her eyes, meowing with impotence as she feels how her face began to reshape and push into a muzzle.


The collar glows brightly in the woman's hands as the cat's pupil fades from the gem and the singer finally becomes a black cat meowing in the floor.
After a moment of silences that seemed eternal, Katy opens her eyes slowly, panting, afraid of what she might see.
She looked around to the now bigger world and down to her paws and she meows in horror trying to talk.
But before she can do anything else the silver haired woman grabbed her from the back of the neck and lifted her small body without much difficulty... or delicacy.
The woman throws unceremoniously the meowing cat over the vanity table as she sits in the chair.
Katy meows to her with indignation, but the woman ignored her and picked one of the magazines of the table and began to check the pages.

"Sorry furball, but time is running and I have already lost a lot of it... Let's see... Mmmmmm... I have to admit, this english thingy that people speaks now is conveniently easy compared with hieroglyphs..."

Katy hissed, putting spaces between her and the mischievous woman and wondering if she should attack her, but then she hits the cold glass of the mirror with her naked furry butt and looks back.
She stood freezed in surprise watching her new small feline body.
The big blue cat eyes, the furry ears, the cute pink nose between the whiskers on her muzzle, the long tail at the end of her rear.
She meow with dismay, putting one of her furry paws in the mirror, checking that the reflex was really hers.

"How... how it's this even possible?"

Her mind was blocked in shock, trying to assimilate the situation and pleading for it to be a nightmare when the silver haired woman talked again, breaking her thought and making her jump in surprise.

"Come on, don't be such a pussy , if what says here is half truth I actually have made you a favor!"

Said the woman putting the magazine, open in a double-page spread of a picture of Katy's human body in bikin, in the table with a big slam.

"Let's see... this should be easy..."

The woman grabbed the collar, extending her arms in front of her face, right over the magazine and then began to whispered in an ancient tongue with her eyes close.
The cat's eyes opened with fear as the light of the room blinked a little and she recoiled against the mirror, the woman bites her lips and moans a little, trying to not break the incantation and breathing heavily.
She was feeling her body getting sweaty, her bones cracking, the flesh reshaping.
The mischievous woman was losing some inches of height, her face boiling as water in a pot as it lose his ferocity and turns more friendly, more rounder and cheerful.
The chin and the nose lost their pointy look, the breasts get a bit more larger, the fingers turn more shorter.
With a final loud moan the incantation ended and the changes finished.
The silver haired woman opened her eyes slowly and looked herself in the mirror, caressing her hair and putting the collar in the table.

"Well, well, well, I guess I lost some practice..."

The cat watched the woman with her small mouth open, her hair was still bright grey, her iris still of ferocious yellow and the skin of tanned bronze, but everything else, from voice to toe, was an exact copy of Katy Perry's body.

"But it could work... What do you think?"

The fake Katy gives an smirk to the feline Katy, an smirk that clearly doesn't belongs in that face.
The cat meows outraged for what was happening, first she lost her body and now that woman had the intention of steal her looks, her life!
Katy wasn't going to permit it, she instinctively lowers her back, preparing herself to pounce over the imposter, when the door of the room opened and her bald manager appeared in the frame, talking while looking to the papers he had in his hands

"Katy, sorry for bothering, but you should give a look to this... this..."

The papers slip from the chubby fingers of the man when he raises the head and see the naked woman and the angry cat in the vanity table.

"What... what's going on?"

Before Katy could react the impostor grabbed her from the neck again, holding the cat against her boobs and walking unashamedly nude towards the speechless manager.

"Katy your hair, your skin...! What have you done! What are those contact lenses...?"

"Oh... I just thought that would be good to make a little... change of image... you... hem... servant... man...?"

The silver haired Katy gave a long and uncomfortable smile to the short manager, the cat between her breasts meows exasperated.
The man gives to a long look to the woman.

"It... It's this for the critics...?"

The mischievous impostor stopped a moment to think.

"Yeah, sure, exactly... the critics... whatever..."

She puts the cat in the man's chest and the manager grabs the animal, confused.

"This naughty kitty entered in the room through a window, could you take care of her... please?"

Katy meows again with indignation.

"You liar!"

She screamed in her mind while hissing, trying to scratch the woman with her claws.

"Huuu... you are a very naughty kitty..."

The woman responds with an smirk, gently knocking the cat's nose with a finger.

"But... but Katy... there's any windows in the room..."

The impostor stopped again to think, smiling and giving a long look to the big, and windowless, dressing room.

"Yeah, you are right! Next time I want one with windows! Well I have... stuff... to do, so don't bother me for a while... Oh, and before I forget it..." She stops and puts a finger over the manager's chest, the man freezes as the yellow eyes pierce him. "The next time you come to my room, knock before entering... ok?" He gulps and nods, the impostor smiles. "Don't forget about the kitty... Bye!"

"But you... you should check the..."

The silver haired Katy closed the door, smiling and waving her hand, leaving the manager and the cat speechless in the middle of the halway.
Katy looks up to the manager, giving the best puppy eyes that a cat has given ever.

"Come on! It's me! Your boss!"

She begs in her mind.
The manager stops a moment looking to the supplicant blue eyes of the cat, but the moments ends and the man sighs annoyed.

"Damn her and her stupids whims...!"

The manager begins to walk for the hallway, mumbling more complaints, and Katy meows in despair.

"Shut up dumb critter!"

The singer can not believe it, from the manager's hands she passed to an assistant, from the assistant's hands to an janitor and from the janitor's hands she was threw to the streets, she hits the cold pavement of a back alley with her furry butt and the janitor closed the red exit door with a big slam.
Katy stood in denial, trying to fully realise what just has happen.
She was naked in a cold and wet back alley, an evil woman that was trapped inside an statue stole her life and she was a cat.
And not just a cat, an stray cat!
She meows in despair and began to hit the exit door with her paws.

"No! No! This isn't fair!"

Was she crying inside her head.

"Hey little fella, what's wrong?"

A calm voice talked behind her and she slowly looks back, scared of what could be the next outrageous incident in this hellish day.
There was a normal guy with a friendly smile, he got in his knees and patted Katy's head, she can't avoid to meow softly.

"What beautiful eyes you have girl, are you lost?"

Katy meows again, negating with her head.

"Wow... you are a quite educated girl, how have you ended in the streets?"

The singer can only meow with impotence as the guy pats her again.

"If I could just talk..."

She sighs with dismay in her mind.

"I can't let you alone in this place, you want to come to my home?"

The guy was smiling and his voice was sincere, but Katy freezed in the spot, she don't know what to think... and it's not like she can really answer.
But before she can organize her thoughts the guy grabbed her gently and puts her furry body inside of his jacket, against his chest.
The cat felt warm and comfortable and she made a long purr, the guy chuckled a little.

"Don't worry girl, my home isn't too big, but has a ceiling... and I have some cans of tuna..."

Katy was exhausted and her mind was a mess, she was feeling more small and vulnerable that at any point in her life, and with reason, and the perspective of tuna seemed quite appealing and made her belly growl a bit.
The cat doesn't know what was going to happen anymore, but inside the jacket at least she felt protected, so she cuddle against the guy's warm chest, purrs again and began to fall asleep while hearing his hearth beating.
Tomorrow she would think about what happened, but right now... right now she just needs some time for herself...


In the second floor of an small apartment building with a red door Katy Perry was lying comfortably in the frame of the window she turned off the TV, annoyed of the news about her fake-self being back in town, and began to watch the drops of rain slowly sliding in the crystal.
She yawns making a purr sound and stretched her small furry body...

The day after the silver haired woman stole her life she woke up in the couch of the living room, wrapped in a blanket.
At first she thought that the events that happened in the dressing room have been just a nightmare, but then she saw the paws and realized that she was naked and covered in black hair.
She tried to cry for help but only meows come from her mouth, she tried to get up but falls in fours out of the couch.
The guy came from his room, woke up for her noises, and gently patted her in the head and offered to her a promised breakfast of tuna.
She accepted reluctantly.
The first week was the worst.
The new body, the new instincts, the fact that she was now the pet of some guy, the silver haired woman appearing with her body in television.
It was infuriating to say the least.
During the first month she attempted to communicate with her new owner that she wasn't just a cat, but an internationally famous singer, but she discovered that such easy task can become quite troublesome without voice and functional thumbs.
To add even more irony to the situation her owner was actually a fan of Katy Perry and she witnessed him fiercely defending the new look of her body in a internet chat, while she was sitting in his lap not knowing if she should scratch his face for being so blind or cuddle against his belly for being so loyal.
Close to the end of the second week she finally managed to write a note in a laptop explaining the situation.
But when she finished the arduous labor of writing an entire page letter a letter she stopped to contemplate her work.

"What I'm going to achieve with this?"

She realized painfully that even if she managed to convince her owner about the reality of the situation he would most likely don't be able to do anything.
It would be his word against the word of the, alleged, Katy Perry, people would mark the poor guy as an insane individual.
And even worst, the new Katy was a witch, she would probably make sure that the guy doesn't discover her facade to the world, he would end too as cat or maybe something worse.
No, he was a nice guy and a good owner, she can't make that to him.
She deleted the note and moved to the next option, sending an email to her manager.
That failed obstreperously, the manager just it ignored and blocked her in several accounts and finally send to her a message menacing to take legal actions if she keeps sending emails with no senses about magic collars and egyptian witches.
Katy got really angry, if she managed to become human again she will make sure of fire that man's ass.
But time passed and she was running out of options, with her feline body the idea of escaping to the streets to find and confront the imposter seemed silly and pointless, so she just slowly let herself fall in the life of a housecat.
She wiggled her tail happy when she saw the umbrella of her owner through the window, she gracefully jumped from the window frame to the couch to salute the wet guy with a lovely meow as he enters in the living room.
This has been her life lately.
The guy kindly fondles her head and prepared some tasty food, they watch the TV or a video in internet during dinner and then they go to sleep.
Some times, mostly during the weekends, he takes her to a walk around town.
Some times he comes with a friend or two.
The worst part where the visits to the vet, but those were rare and for everything else it was a quiet simple and comfortable life.
That night, snuggling against her owner's belly in the bed, she realized that she was quite content with this fate, it could had been the perfect vacations if not was because this would probably be the rest of her days.
She yawns putting her head over the paws.

"It could be worst..."

Katy realized that the only that she was really missing was sing and with that thought in her furry head she falls asleep...

The first thing she felt was the warm golden sand with her paws.
She slowly opens her feline eyes and saw the stateliness of the desert night.
A dark blue cowl with thousand of shining silver stars in the sky, an endless sea of gold dunes in all directions and in front of her, towering over the sand, a big edification of onyx.
An immense temple with a large open doors, illuminated for enormous burning braziers of yellow flames.
Katy's furry ears twitch when she hears the soundless melody of countless lost meows calling her, luring her towards the glowing solemn entrance of the building.
She got up and crossed with surprising ease the distance towards the temple and stood in front of the dark stairs, under the shadow of the temple she felt even smaller and the golden simbols sculpted in some of the black rocks made her recall a familiar feeling of distrust, but the melody was clean and made her heart feel warm.
With confidence she climbed the stairs and crossed the gigantic entrance.
Her feline eyes are meet with the homely magnificence in the interior of the temple, a large and well iluminated hall of very tall ceilings, big pillars and white walls.
Inside the place she sees thousands of cats, playing and meowing, basking in the hundreds of comfy pillows around the floor or drinking the milk dripping from the onyx depicting naked women with vases.
All the cats were female.
All the cats were like her, cats, but not just cats.
She knows it, maybe was the smell of their furs or the sound of their purrs... but she knows.
Katy walks between her sisters, feeling really in home for first time in months.
Just with a glance she sees the women behind the other felines as the felines see the woman that she was.
Most of the cats were permanent residents of the temple and the realm, others, like Katy, were just sleeping or taking a nap.
A big orange cat with her whiskers wet with milk was once a chubby spoiled girl too lazy for her own good, a prideful chinese empress that prefered freedom before royality sitting in fours over a pillow, a witch that put excessive confidence in her apprentice, an stubborn housewife that hated mice, a burglar lady that wished to pass between the iron bars and...

"Marilyn Monroe..."

Katy thought with wonder watching a fluffy blonde cat of big blue eyes walking towards her with soft moves...
Some changed as reward... or punishment, other just by chance or luck, but all of them sharing the same satisfaccion with their furry fates.
After a bunch purrs, several runs of welcome and tasting the delicious milk the singer reaches the back of the hall in which she sees an enormous throne of black onyx and gold glyphs that were vaguely familiar.
Sitting in the throne there was an equally enormous statue of a large lady of dark skin in a cyan dress the lady had the large head of a black cat of golden eyes.
She was sitting stiff in her seat, watching rightfully how the felines pleasure themselves in her domains.
In the lap of the statue Katy sees a very fat siamese cat, resting indulgently over Bastet's legs.
She cheerfully realises that the siamese was no other than Queen Cleopatra, the myths of her end under the asp's poison highly exaggerated...

"Well, well, well..."

Katy's ears switch, standing in front of the statue she looks around confused, seeking the source of the deep meowing voice.

"Isn't this Magda's last victim?"

The singer stops and looks closely to the tall statue... it wasn't an statue anymore, it was moving, breathing, looking directly towards her with an smug smile in her large feline face.

"I'm surprised that such a clumsy girl as got into my realm so fast... have you learned the dangers of touching cursed collars?"

Bast asks while crossing her legs, Katy felt a bit offended, cats have their pride after all.

"Isn't like it was my fault!"

She answers to the goddess.

"You are saying it was mine?"

Bast asks, leaning back in her throne and making a soft menacing purr.
Katy blinks, getting a bit nervous.

"Well... you are the one that put that horrible woman inside that statue... no? And... and you are the one that left the statue unchecked!"

The goddes smirks.

"And you the one the grab the collar."

"Then.. then I guess we both have the fault!"

Katy raises her snout defiantly, Bast began to laugh loudly with her meowing voice, startling Katy and several of the other cats.

"You guess, no?"

She says and began to fondle the startled Cleopatra with one of her big furry fingers, the egyptian queen purrs with pleasure.
The goddess looks to the small black cat with curiosity.

"You think I was unfair with Magda? She betrayed my trust and used my gifts for greed... and stole your life."

The singer wonders the question for a while.

"You left her trapped in stone for thousands of years..." she says "maybe she isn't innocent, but she has reason to be mad..."

Bast smiles showing her fangs and makes Cleopatra purr again.

"That's pretty fair for your part, perhaps you prefer more to be cat than woman...?"

Katy gets startled again.

"What? No! Well... yes... maybe... a bit...?"

The singer lowers her furry ears and began to think about the last months of her life under the calm glance of Bastet's gold eyes.

"I guess I'm fine with the cat-stuff..."

She confesses slowly, making Bast smirk.

"But I miss my life... and the fur can be annoying sometimes and I miss... singing..."

Bast stops, looking to the small black cat with even more feline curiosity.

"Singing... you are an half-decent singer... no?"

Katy raises her snout with pride.


The goddes smirk gets wider and she leans forward, scaring a bit the singer.

"Yeah... yeah... maybe you can make the part... it's been a long while since the last time I had an avatar around the lower realms... and Maura needs to be punished..."

"What are you talking about... Miss?"

Bast moves one of her enormeus fingers over Katy an began to fondle the back of her furry neck, Katy purrs with delight shaking her tail.

"I may have a job for you, my little kitty..."

The goddess whispers...


A cold chill wakes up Katy from her dream, she swings her tail annoyed, feeling the night air in her naked skin, her breasts against her owner's pajama...
She opens her eyes instantly and gets up from the belly of the guy, making the bed bounce, she looks to her hands, she as hands again and she uses them to cover her gasp of surprise and don't wake up the sleeping guy at her side.
The singer looks down and sees with joy that she has breasts once more and remembers what is feeling naked.
Carefuly to no wake up the guy she slides out of the bed and walks towards the large mirror in the closet, glad of remembering of how to use just two feet.
Her blue eyes, still feline, allow her to move through the darkness of the room.
She stands nude in front of the mirror, she was human again... for the most part, a couple of piece of her body remain cat in her body.
The ears large, pointy and fury on top of her long dark hair, her nose a bit pink, fangs peeking outside of her lips, sharp nails in hands and feet, a long black tail swinging behind, her crotch a little too hairy...
Katy purrs with delight and hugs her furless skin, trying to content the tears of happiness.
After a short while a loud snort of the guy breaks her  happy bubble and startles her like the cat she was inside.
Chuckling silently she shakes her head and opens the closet, she knows perfectly what she has to do.
She picks a pair of blue pants and a red button-up shirt that was a bit too big for her.

"This will work for now."

Katy thinks with certainty while making a hole in the pants for her tail, then she walks towards the window, open it and jumps over the frame with her naked feet.
She looks back to give a last glance to her sleeping owner with her glowing feline eyes and then leaves the apartment, pouncing into the night with ease...


The cloud of warm steam comes out when the door of the bath was open, standing in the middle of the doorframe a feminine silhouette fogged by the vapor.
Magda walked outside of the cloud drying her long silver hair, with nothing covering her wet tanned skin from nudeness.
She walks brefoot to the vanity table of the luxurious dressing room, she throws the moist towel over the table, at the side of the small pedestal that she uses tu put the onyx collar, and sits her naked butt in the big chair in front of the big mirror.
Even after all this time the witch wasn't still accustomed to the reflex of her face in the mirror, Katy Perry's face was cheerful and cute even when an evil witch was wearing it.
At first the witch thought that the life of a famous singer would be a easy, she thought that singing wouldn't be more complicate than chanting spells, but as the days pass the pressure of the fame and the responsibilities of her position began to grow stressful on her.
What most surprised her was that people seemed to care more about her sudden change of look than about the decreasing quality of her work...
A sudden whoosh of the cold night gave her a shiver in her nude back, breaking her train of thought.
Magda look back and sigh annoyed, the window was open, the air making the white curtains dance.
Mumbling curses she got up, closed the window and sat again in the chair.
Was then when she noticed something... or more correctly the lack of it.
The witch saw the small pedestal... but the collar wasn't on it...
She catches the glimpse of two small blue glowing orbs in the reflex of the mirror...


It was to late, the collar was tied around her neck and the green gem started to shine, Katy leans forward, purring and hugging the naked Magda from behind the chair.

"Hey there..."

The feline singer whispers as the witch body began to change, her bones snap and grow, she becomes more taller, her breasts swell, her chin becomes more sharp, her nose more prominent.
In a just an instant Magda becomes Magda once again.


The witch yells trying to escape the grip of the cat woman, but Katy was now more stronger than her.

"Shhh... you know that now comes the best part..."

Magda sees in the mirror how the pupils of her yellow eyes become thin dark strips as the gem in the collar becomes the eye of a cat, she gasps and moans a bit when the heat began to take over her tanned skin.


She manages to mutter trapped under Katy's hug, the singer leans forward and fondles Magda's cheek with her own one, feeling the whiskers of the woman growing.

"Let's say that your old boss gave me an offer that I just can't refuse..."

Ears turn pointy and furry, the fingers small as the nails sharpen into claws.

"Ouch! You naughty girl!"

Katy's says after feeling the witch's claws in her arm, a white coat of fur covers the crotch, the cheeks and the paws that were now her hands and feet, Magda feels her fluffy tail sliding down in the chair, watching desperate how her arms shrink she began to cry.

"Please... I'm sorry... stop this!"

The singer smiles showing her fangs.

"Oh... come on, don't be such a pussy..."

As the bones and muscles of the witch snap and reshape Katy finally lifts her from the chair, holding the shrinking witch against her chest.
Magda sees her face contracting into a short angry muzzle, her breasts dwindling as teats sprout down her chest.

"This is very easy, you can become a good pet... or get back into the stone. What do you choose?"

The witch sees the fluffy white persian in the mirror, struggling between the singer's arms, and she answers in the only way she can.


"I will take that as you being fine about being a pet."

Magda purrs and snorts as Katy fondles her gently.

"Don't worry my dear Magda, I will be a good owner" Katy says satisfied "and I'm sure you will be a lovley pet, actually I will probably need a bit of your help with all that ma..."

A fist knocks the door of the dressing room and her manager enters in the room.

"Katy, I want to talk with you about the..."

His words became a mumble as he saw the feline woman getting up from the chair, with a white cat in her arms and a large fangs in her smile.

"Not again!"

Katy walks towards him with soft naked steps.

"What have you done now!"

"Oh, just a new... makeover, you don't like it?"

"What? Are you insane? You have a cat tail and cat ears! How... how you even made it?"

The cat woman wags her tail a couple of times and then just shrugs.

"Look I'm busy now, so... leave, ok?"

"That's not even..." He stops when sees the glance of the glowing blue eyes.


"Y-yes..." The manager looks to the white cat. "I... I have to throw that one out too?"

"What? Of course no!" Katy pushes the man out and puts an hand over the door. "Oh, by the way, you are fired."

Before the manager could answer the door gets closed in his face...


The large black car crosses the streets under the rain, in the radio sounds the last success of Katy Perry and, in the back seats, the feline singer follows the rhythm of the song with her eyes closed, while fondling the chubby white cat that was resting in her lap.
Their tails were waggin softly and peacefully, after a couple of busy months they were finally leaving the city... but before that Katy has to make one last thing...

"Miss, is this the place?" The driver asks as the car slowly stops.

Katy opens her eyes and looks outside, to the small apartment building with a red door.

"Yes, thanks." The singer gently removes the white cat from her lap. "You wait here..."

Magda purrs pleased and then lies down.

"Don't turn off the engine, it will be just a moment."

"Ok, miss, you want an umbrella?"

"Nah, don't worry."

Katy opens the door of the car and walks towards the building, trying to not get too wet.
The singer stands in front of the red door, she shakes her head to clean the rain from her furry ears.
She smiles excited before touching the button of the second floor in the intercom, over the drops of water her voice matches the song in the car.

Long, long, long, LONG awaited request from  :icontflover28:
I'm not too sure about the final result, lots of rewrites... I hope isn't too messy... ><

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(Man into donkey)

"Oh, David...!"

Cindy says with a leg hanging in the night outside of the window of her bedroom when the door suddenly opened with an slam.
David Paterson was standing in the door frame, looking directly to his daughter while his eyes began to fill with anger.
The bald businessman was wearing the dark pants and shoes of his work suit but without the jacket, the blue tie still in his neck over the white shirt, with haste the dad rushes towards the chubby girl of dark hair, grabs her strongly for the arm and makes her sit in the bed.

"What the heck are you doing?"

David asks coldly after closing the window, Cindy rubs her arm, still feeling the wedding ring in her dad's finger, avoiding to look to the man's eyes.

"I was just... making exercise..."

She mumbles.

"Exercise?" David says and looks to his wrist watch, "You think that your old man is a fool? You where trying to sneak out to go to that damn party!"

Cindy crosses her arms and look to the pink wall of the room, still avoiding her father's eyes.

"So what? Everybody his going!"

"You aren't everybody, you are my daughter and I told you specifically that you can't go!"

"Yeah, I have to be the only weirdo  that stays home..." The eyes of the girl were starting to fill with tears as the man's cheek gets more red.

"I prefer you to be a weirdo than a whore! You've seen what you are wearing?"

"It's just an skirt!"

"YOU ARE SHOWING YOUR PANTIES!" David screams, Cindy crosses her legs as the first tear falls from her cheeks,

"I'm just trying to protect you, that's my job!" The man continues, lowering his voice a bit.

"Of course, your job... that's the only you care about..." Cindy mumbles, now looking to the fluffy pink carpet in the floor.

"You don't know what boys of you are age are looking for?" He continues ignoring the last comment of his daughter.

"Of course I know!" The girl says getting up and standing defiantly in front of her father, despite the tears. "I'm not a little child anymore!"

"You don't prove it with this attitude!"

"Maybe I want what those boys want... Maybe... maybe you are the one that has a problem!"


"You are still wearing the ring, it's been years since the divorce David!"

"Don't call me by my name..." David mutters angrily, but that doesn't stops Cindy.

"Mom has had a lot of boyfriends and doesn't acts like if she has an stick in her ass!"

"We only have one weekend a month and you prefer to spend it roaming around like a bitch in heat?"

"Oh, yeah, like if you care! You just got home, a minute later and you wouldn't have noticed that I was gone!"

The dad recoils a bit."I... I have to pay the bills! Your bills!"

"It's Sunday and you have passed the whole day in the office!"

"I have responsibilities..."

"You need to chill and release stress David! Or better, go with your fucking responsibilities and stop ruining my life!"

"You enjoy making a jackass of your father?"



The hand moved fast, almost with his own will, Cindy falls back in the bed, she puts an hand over her cheek, still feeling the wedding ring in the red skin under, she sobs with her pride more hurt than the face.
David walks away, he felt dizzy and hot for the anger, her eyes seem unfocus, he closes them and cleans the sweat in his forehead, giving his back to the girl's cry.
After breathing deeply for a moment he gets back in front of his daughter.

"Look... sorry... I shouldn't have done that...." David speaks containing his anger, "but you disrespected me and I'm not going to tolerate that!"

Cindy looks up, her eyes also fill with anger, but she stops with her mouth open looking to her dad's face... there was something... weird...

"You are punished!" He continues ignoring the weird face that her daughter was doing.

The girl opens her mouth slowly, speechless... the eyes, the brown eyes of her dad, the same ones she inherited... their pupils... they have become big... horizontal... equine...

"I gave you an order and you ignored it... I ... I don't care how many men pass for your mother's bed, but if that affects your attitude I will have a very serious talk with her..."

Cindy rubs her eyes, cleaning the tears, and looks again, not believing what she sees.

"Da... David..."

"I already told you, don't use my name!" David says with coldness and authority and then snorts... not noticing how his eyebrows grow more fuzzy and hairy... longer, fusing in a single one over his forehead, making him look primitive... dumb... he only felt the itchiness...


"Stop interrupting me!" He screams... and his ears began to get pointy, Cindy watches impotently and scared how they began to strech at the side of her father's hear, elongating towads the ceiling.

"But dad your face!"

"No more buts! You just... why  is so hot..." The lengthy ears pass his scalp and grew a bit more, David was red for the heat, marks of sweat in the armpits of his shirt, he touches his forehead and clenches his eyes and teeth, the man unties a bit his necktie and takes out the tongue, "I'm so dry... what the fu... AAAAAAAAAAARGH!"

David recoils against the wall, with his legs open, feeling a increasing pressure around his waist... and crotch... the father grabs his sides, containing another scream as his long ears shake.


"Don't move!" He orders and the daughter obeys scared, the pressure was getting unsoportable, like if his pants had suddenly turned too small, his belly hurt pushed against the belt and his genitals felt trapped, asphyxiated, in the cloth of the underwear... the pain... they heard a the sound of fabric tearing apart, David can't wait any longer...

"Cindy... please... leave now!" The man says, almost pleading, but Cindy remains sitting in the bed, too scared and shocked, watching how her father struggles with the belt buckle, he was looking to the ceiling, instinctively lowering his longs ears, was that the sweat or was he crying?
Finally the belt opens and the man snorts with relife, after giving a doubtful glance to the confused girl David pulls down the pants, exposing his hairy legs, his daughter gasped with surprise.

"Oh god lord!" David scream when he looked down, scared, and saw the immense bulge peeking in his crotch, stretching the cloth of the white briefs... he feels his heart painfully beating in the chest, his breathing going faster... they heard again the sound of breaking fabric, the bulge getting even larger... doesn't matter if he waits, it was going to burst...

"Please... don't look..." He begs and grabs the sides of his underwear.

"Dad... wait! No!"

But David already did it, he pulls down the briefs and his penis boings outside, Cindy never wanted to see her dad's junk, but now there it was, in front of her eyes, painfully erected.
She blushes and sobs silently.
He looks down and sees his penis with his dizzy vision, more proudly erect that in any other moment that he can remember, the foreskin was red, palpitating, begging...
The feeling as stronger than the poor father, clenching his eyes he moves the right hand towards his genitals.


It was blazing hot and hard as rock... it made a contrast with the cold metal of the ring in his finger... it hurt, crying he started to pump the phallus.

"Don't look... don't look... don't look..."

David begs with whispers as his hand goes up and down, but Cindy can't take her eyes from the bizarre spectacle of degradation.
The girl looks with horror how the hairy scrotum of her dad began to swell, first the left one, it grew large and round and was quickly follow for his brother, David snorts feeling the weight of the big balls as the skin around them becomes black and leathery.
Soon they were hanging between the open legs of the man, shaking at the rythm of the pumping.
Was then David felt the itching mixing with lustful heat, it began around her long ears.
He moves her free hand towards them and began to touch them...


David opens his equine eyes and snorts with terror, he touches... and touches... and touches... all the way up, feeling how dark fur sprouts from the wet skin.
The dad grabs the long furry ear and pulls it in front of his eyes.

"I tried to tell you!"

The girl cries from the bed, he looks down and sees his big balck balls.

"Oh... Oh goOOood lord!"

His right hand was still pumping the dick and the dick was still begging for more, against all logic it was getting harder and harder... it was swelling and elongating and David can feel it with his hand.
Veins and muscle extend unstoppably, the red flesh growing far beyond the leathery black skin of the sheath and turning pinkinsh and rounder.

"StooOOop! STOOOP!"

The man pleads, grabbing the enlarging phallus with both hands, crying and rubbing it in a vain attempt to please the heat and stop the changes.
Cindy covers her face with both hands, shaking her head in deny, not wanting to look to the gigantic equine cock that her dad has now in the crotch.
David bends her knees and falls in fours, the dick slaps against the hair of his swelling belly.
He screams and punches the floor and then screams again, trapped in agonizing frustration, clenches his eyes and his teeth and lowers the long furry ears.
Between her fingers Cindy see how the hairy buttocks in the rear of her dad separate and open, exposing the dark circle of an anus as the genitals move backwards a bit.
In top of the open ass an hairy lump appears that grows into a long tail with a black tuft at the end.
From his sorry position, David looks back and grabs the tail.

"What hiiIIis thiiiiIiis! WHAAAW HIIIS THIIIIIIS!"

"A... a tail..." The daughter mumbles breathless.

David leaves behind the wagging tail and gets back in fours, crawling like a beast in pain towards the crying girl, leaving behind his shoes.
When he was close enough, the father stands over his knees and grabs the girl's wrists, aparting her hands from the face.


Cindy, scared and crying uncontrollably, looks to him, she sees how the face of the man that raised her gradually becomes more animalistic, the terrified equine eyes separating inch at inch, the teeth getting large and blunt and peeking outside the dark lips, the stretched nose becoming a pair of large hairy nostrils, the red skin wet of sweat covering in black fur around the chins, the cheeks and the scalp, the large penis standing mockingly erect between them...

"Wha-what I do...?" She babbles almost without voice. "What I say... you... you are turning into a donkey!"


With an anguish scream David stops holding the girl's wrists, the daughter and the dad see with horror how the hands and fingers began to twist, bones painfully snaping and getting longer, nails turning dark and covering the skin, the wedding ring is pushed for the changing flesh and falls to the floor as the hands become a couple of strong black hooves matching the dark fur.


David swings the hoofs, making Cindy get over the bed, the man falls backwards and ends once more in fours, his large balls and hairy butt shamefully exposed to his daughter.
He began to jump and kick in fours as the girl recoils against the wall in the corner of the bed.
The pants fly away, the buttons of the shirt burts open when the hairy chest swells, the blue tie feels like choking when the neck grows wider with each bray, for the weird look of the white socks in the hindlegs Cindy knows that her father's feet are hooves too.
Braying and kicking and braying, the window blows up, a mirror gets turned into shards, a hole is open in the door..


Finally, David stands in all fours and makes a loud and bestial bray as his face makes a final push into a muzzle, his cock unloads a bunch of sticky cum that splashes all over the fluffy pink carpet in the floor.
The metamorphosis ends.
Cindy was in the corner of the bed, curled up against the wall, grabbing her legs and with her face in the thighs, her disconsolate sobbing resounding in the wrecked room.
David was still standing, looking to the broken reflex in the broken glass of the mirror as his dripping dick retracts inside sheath, he snorts with his heart still racing inside the chest, in the crowd of reflexes he can only see a bunch of big and angry dark donkeys, staring back to him.
The donkey was still wearing an streched white shirt over his back, socks in the back hooves, a blue tie in the wide neck and a expensive watch in the right leg... but apart from that you couldn't tell that just moments ago the jackass was a man...


The sound of breaking glass, the crying and the screams and the loud brays did not go unnoticed, the neighbours called the cops and the cops called to animal control.
He saw with frustration how years paying taxes resulted in the law stripping the last shreds of humanity from his fur, like if he was just a beast... or maybe just like the beast that he was now.

"Stop! Stop please! Don't hurt him! He's my father!"

Screamed the girl from behind the men, he brays and kicks in anger as the ropes get around his neck... until he felt the needle in the ass, just at the left side of the tail.
After that dragging him from his home to the truck was an easy task.
Almost all the neighbourhood watched how the dizzy jackass walked the ramp and got inside the cage.
The girl cries and cries until another needle gets in her arm and she see how the truck leaves with only the sad donkey looking back.

The farm was relatively close to the town and the farmer was pleased of getting a new beast, more when the price was almost free.
Next day they dragged him to a closed stall and an skillful veterinarian with cold platisc gloves confirmed his fear and certified him as a healty male donkey.
During the first week the farmer leave him alone in a pen when he wasn't closed in the stable, he brayed and kicked and cursed, but nobody could understand the words behind the brays, the frustration of the kicks or can hear the curses in his mind.
After that week, early in the Monday, the rutine changed, after eating the farmer tied the rope around his neck, but this time, in the pen, there was another donkey... one of the donkeys that he has been smelling and seeing at the other side of the wooden fence, grazing in the paddock... a female one...
He shakes his head and snorts, realizing the indignity that the farmer wants he to do, they want him to fuck the jenny!
Brays and kicks were his answer at first, he was a man, a wealthy one, a successful one, they can't pretend that he fucks an animal in front of strange eyes!
But those eyes just see a male donkey being stubborn...
A jackass... and the job of the jackass was clear in the farm... and if he doesn't makes his job...
The anger and the frustration grow in his chest as he realizes that he was between the sword and the wall... and the anger and the frustration make his penis get hard, like when he was in her daughter's room...
It happened everyday in the first week, but now there was a jenny in front of him...
The young female raises her tail, knowing her place, he snorts and shakes his head... an jumps forward and makes his job.
A jackass job.
It was itching and disgusting... it was hot and wet, beastial as their brays sound at the same time.
It was denigrating... and pleasently blissful...
From that day on the farmer didn't need ropes to lead the male donkey.
Slowly, he was dragged in the farm's routine and his life became the one of a jackass.
He took his position strongly, like if it was a aggressive transaction in the business market, the couple of jennies, the old one and the young, weren't enough for him and the mares also ended pleasently under his dick... the stallion protested, but he cut him short.
The time passed under that routine and some times was hard to distinguish one day from the other.
Grazing in the large paddock under the orange light of the dusk, he slaps with the tail a fly in his hairy butt and his mind slides again in the sorrow of this fate.
How? Why? He thought so many times, braying inside the stable or to the sky over the grass, but he can't find an answer of what he did to deserve such harsh punishment.
Every night he falls asleep with the hope of waking up without dark fur covering his skin, and every morning he wakes up from the straw only to get in fours again.
Like each time that his mind remembers the sorrow, the frustration makes his blood boil, the anger his heart beat and his penis leaves the sheath.
After quick glance around the field he finds the mares and trots towards them.
Without any delicacy or grace he jumps over the first oblivious mare that he gets, she whinnies surprised as her companions leave scared, but he doesn't care.
Despite the female being large, he submits her under his manliness and began to thrust with all his might the horse rear.
She whinnies, he brays, and the unloads his sed in the cunt.
Fast, bestial and rough.
He jumps from her back, the mare makes a short rub against his neck and goes back with the others.
The jackass shakes his head and began to piss in the ground, with a satisfied snort.
While his big dripping dick shrinks his big nostrils caught a familiar scent, he looks around and saw her at the other side of the old wood fence.
He brays softly, lowers his ears and tail in shame and trots slowly towards the cute chubby girl that was waiting for him wearing a blue coat.
With a sad expresion, Cindy touches the hairy muzzle of the jackass and he rubs against her hand.

"Oh... dad..."
Sketchy resolution
Here's my first full male animal TF story, product of a more or less failed RP...
The idea seemed interesting in my head, so I just made it. XP
Lets see how well it works.

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(Woman into... ¿¿??)

Red and yellow leaves fall pushed for october's wind, the main door of the institute was decorated with smiling pumpkins filled with shining candles.
In a corner, behind the gym, a bunch of red candle were also shining... but outside of pumpkins.
A girl was putting them in the ground, carefully following a pentagram painted in the concrete floor.
The girl of short dark hair was wearing a short skirt with large boots and fishnets, her skin pale like the moon, eye bags in the round face and a malicious smile in her lips painted in purple.
Her names was Rossana Bernard Blanc, but she hates that name, too normal.
She likes to be call Vampy.There was another name that she hates, Desiree Lambert, the cheerful bimbo redhead that was the captain of the cheerleaders.
Tonight, she was going to get her revenge on that bitch.
She would call for the beings of Hell and beyond to aid on her to get revenge on that obnoxious dumb girl...a bloody cold revenge.
The girl was going to repay her twicefold for what she had done.
Vampy couldn't believe her luck when she found that old page from an spell book while hiding from the cheerleaders in the library.
Real tainted magic to make a pact to exchange your humanity in seek of a more sinister and powerful form.
Of course there was a couple of buts in the matter... the pact was a one way deal without refunds... and also was the matter of what she would become.
A werewolf.
The thought gave the girl chills in the back as she puts another candle in the flloor.
Becoming large and strong was quite tempting... but the part about the fur and the snarls almost made her recoil... almost...
After all, even if she would have preferred become a vampire, when would she have another chance of become a creature of the darkness?
And thus, she began her quest for revenge.
The ingredients had been simple enough-- they were basic everyday items that you could get at a supermarket, the ritual involved a thick slice of beef, seven candles of red wax, a bunch of chalk, some hair... the only painful part was obtaining human blood, but then again, why get someone else's blood when you can use your own?
Desiree was still in the gym, taking a shower, the smug cheerleader was always the last because she didn't liked to show her naked body to anybody.
The plan was simple: She makes the ritual, becomes a big bad wolf and when the dumb bitch comes outside she becomes her first victim... the first of many.
Vampy's hope was that the bimbo didn't taste too awful.
The wicks of the candles flickered as she puts the last one on the pentagram.
She placed the slab of meat in the middle and sprinkled it with the hair--which she had stolen from Desiree--on top of it like some kind of disgusting condiment. Afterwards, she took the knife she had snuck out of her house and prepared for the inevitable pain that would follow. As she predicted, she felt a stinging sensation has she threw he knife across her skin of the palm and some scarlet blood splattered on the ground.  
The ritual was complete.
At first, Vampy had thought she had botched something up. She expected a massive explosion of some kind, followed by her being dragged to meet a wolf demon that would turn her into a werewolf. Instead, the candles turn off and the meat, hair, and blood all vanished in a puff of smelly smoke that made her cough. It was undoubtedly magical, but she didn't know if the smoke indicated she had sacrificed the correct ingredients...
Wondering about it she began to get hot, sweaty, her mouth began to feel sore, regretting not having thought on bringing a mirror she placed her hand on it to palpate what was happening.
Her teeth hurt and she started to salivate, she touched her tongue, feeling it larger and numb, swelling like her mouth wasn't enough to hold it inside and then she made an ouch when her hand slides over a sharp growing fangs.
The nose of the girl started to tingle turning dark and her teeth to stretch forward with her lips, her face had begun to form a canine muzzle.
The ritual worked!
Vampy attempted a smile as the bridge of her nose sunk into the muzzle and her nostrils formed a small round nose at the top of her muzzle. She felt her teeth begin the sharpen and lengthen, with her canines becoming fangs. The sudden creation of teeth meant specifically for meat-eating had inflicted some pain on her as her sharp teeth cut her gums, but she was too happy; she was finally going that sweet revenge.
With a sharp bloody smile she felt like she could howl.
The girl's ears began to extend outwards, and she felt like she was flapping her ears. Then, in a manner that made her feel like she was having some kind of headache, her ears sloped off into a more floppy shape...
She felt a strange burning sensation as her short hair falls off from her head to be replaced by fur.
All of a sudden, she began to feel very itchy. She began scratching her arms in an attempt to get rid of the feeling, but when she glanced down at her arms, she stopped and let the feeling take control of her as she realized that the feeling was being caused by the growth of fur.
Indeed, white fur was now growing out of her skin at her shoulders and was spreading downwards to the hands and the rest of the body.
When the fur reached her hands, she felt like her hands were being crushed and then pulled on as her hand bones began to crack and reform.
Her fingers began to shrink as their skin began to become connected, and leathery black spots on her fingers and on her palm began to rise up, turning into paws.
Her nails started to lengthen and become sharper, forming dark claws.  
A new sensation overtook her legs. Her femur had other leg bones had started to bend rather uncomfortably, causing her to whimper slightly. The top half of her leg started to slope downwards over the bottom half, which became more vertical before sloping down into her feet. The withe fur soon covered her new digitigrade legs, getting uncomfortably tangled with the fishnets, and the changes proceeded to her feet. Similar to her hands, she felt her toes merge and the nails sharpen, as well as feel the leathery paw pads develop, but she also began to feel her foot begin to expand and burst out of her suddenly small boots.
Vampy couldn't help but moan in pleasure as a pulling sensation occurred in her tailbone. Her tailbone started to extend and exited her body forming an small growing lump of flesh that made her skirt and panties slide down a bit.
As soon as her tailbone had grown a good eleven inches out of her body, it became enveloped in fluffy white fur.  
She tested it out by giving it a little wag, and she was extremely pleased to discover that she now had a fully operational tail... even if was a bit more short and cute of what she expected.
The girl looked down to her much more canine appearance and smiled gain.
She could get used to it as long as it enabled her to get her revenge on Desiree... fuck, she was actually enjoying it!
Now, all that was left was to become larger and more muscular like the hulking primal beast that she was destined to be.
She braced herself for suddenly feeling of clothes getting too small followed by a ripping sound caused for the power of the expanding flesh.
But that feeling never came...
Instead, she began to feel disoriented as the world suddenly seemed larger to her. She began to panic and hyperventilate, with her wet tongue hanging outside of her muzzle.  
Her clothes began to feel too big, not too small, and she began to painfully shrink, her bones snap making her back bow and she falls over her knees, leaving her boots behind.
Vampy sees with horror how her hairy arms recoil inside the sleeves of the shirt, she wanted to cry and yell, but only whimps and growls come out of her muzzle.
Her pitch-black shirt covered her scared eyes as she shrunk and got in fours, causing her to try to cast it off.
However, her change in size made removing the shirt difficult as she uselessly attempted to stretch her arms to take it off, and eventually she just ripped a hole in it with her snarling teeth and burst out of it, leaving her clothes in the concret floor at the side of the pentagram.  
It was then that she realized how small she had truly become.
Instead of becoming a towering werewolf about seven feet tall and very muscular, she had become a small white dog that was somewhat overweight.  
She couldn't possibly kill and eat anyone bigger than an squirrel as such a tiny canine, and now she was stuck like this!  
What had gone wrong?
Was she supposed to use somebody else's blood instead of her own?  
Had Hell forsaken her?
Had she read wrong the old spell?
It had the word canis clearly written after metamorphose and canis was wolf... no?
Or it was lupus?
She started to whimper pathetically realizing her terrible mistake, she had doomed herself to be a tiny bitch!
What had she done to deserve this?
She only wanted to become a creature of myth to murder an stupid cheerleader!
This wasn't fair!
Vampy started to get angry... and she knew very well who was to blame!
The small dog trotted over to the wall outside of Desiree's locker room.  
If she couldn't overwhelm Desiree as a strong gigantic werewolf, maybe she could try jumping at her like some kind of tragic Greek hero assaulting a titan.  
She bent her legs down and prepared to leap as she saw Desiree exit the locker room in that ridiculously bright cheerleader outfit of her's.
With a metallic sound the doors of the gym open and Vampy jumps forward as soon as she see the faintest glance of the pink skirt... then she stomps with her own tail and falls over her belly, picking the attention of the cheerleader.
Trying to regain what was left of her shredded dignity Vampy gets in fours and began to bark with all the strength of her lungs.

"Aing! Aing! Aing!"

Desiree stops, covers her mouth with both hands and opens her eyes a lot.

"Oh my gosh!" she said with her girly voice "What a cutie!"

Vampy keeps barking, but that only fills the cheerleader with joy.

"Be scared you damn bitchy bitch!"

The once-girl thought as Desiree leaves her bag in the floor and kneels in front of the small doggy.

"Are you lost?"

Desiree asks like a dumb child, Vampy attempted to bite her, but the cheerleader's was faster and began to fondle her behind the floppy ears.
For her shame, Vampy began to pant with her tongue out, Desiree smiles seeing the the dog was enjoying the petting.

"No collar..." the cheerleader mutters and then, without asking for permision, she raises Vampy's tail, the doggy barks feeling the invasive eyes of the cheerleader over her hairy rear.

"You are a girl! Isn't that lovley?"

"Fuck you!" Vampy thinks, but the cheerleader began to fondle again and the doggy can avoid to shake her tail

"You want a mommy, no? Well, then I will be your new mommy!"

Vampy freezes with her tongue hanging, realizing the dreadful implications of what the cheerleader just say.

"What? NO! NEVER!"

She wanted to scream, but only a couple of sorry barks come from her muzzle.


"That's the spirit little girl!"

Desiree says picking her bag and the small dog, Vampy can only whimper trapped powerless under the arm of her sworn enemy.

"You need a collar... a pink one! And a name.... how about Piggy? You are a bit chubby... but don't worry, mommy will make a fine poodle of you!"

Unable to escape from the horrific fate that she has caused to her own self, Vampy howls with sorrow to the Halloween's moon...
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